Process of creating a distinct identity for a business in the mind of your target audience and consumers.

AIS Webtech is a leading branding agency in Canada. Having a strong brand works to build customer recognition. When customers recognize and back your brand, it helps lend a competitive edge to your company. There are endless benefits of building and maintaining a strong brand. We build your brands that people can relate to and rely on, is what were best known for. Our experts take a strategic approach to every brand that we associate. When people see your logo on branded materials or products, they will associate it with quality and value. As you develop a brand identity that people recognize and trust, they’ll be quicker to work with you. Being a leading social media management company in Canada, We deliver Brand identity, High recognition, more customers and more engagements to our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Brand pillars are the five categories that brands use to define their values, and how they communicate those values with their audience. The five brand pillars are purpose, perception, personality, position, and promotion.

  • Brand values are the key principles guiding how a company operates—including where it sources its products, how items are delivered to customers, and the way employees are treated. Brand values define precisely how a company operates, achieves its mission statement, and earns money.

  • A core brand idea is the simple concept that sits at the heart of your business. It is the sum of your philosophy, your essence and your values that inspires everything you do. It is the reason your brand exists, it's what drives you to deliver value to your customers every day.

  • Brand purpose is the main reason for a brand's existence. A purpose-oriented business exists to serve society rather than archetypical business goals that start and end at profit and sales numbers.

  • Brand creation involves identifying your business strategy, target customers and their needs, your competition, and your brand positioning and messaging. Once you know your core brand identity, you can create a logo and tagline and develop a branding and marketing strategy alongside.

  • Having a strong brand is all about consistent and recognizable company expressions; to offer not only products and services but also meaning. In many ways, a strong brand is the nucleus of a company's success and is the result of an effective brand strategy.